Saturday, 12 September 2015

Pandora Ring Collection

Feast your eyes on my silver sterling collection from Pandora. I wear these all the time and thought you might enjoy me talking about them in some more detail.

Grand Pearl Ring
I love pearls, they have such an element of class about them and it works beautifully in this ring. The pearl has three joined flowers in a C-shape on the left side. This detail is what makes the ring so unique, I like that it looks different depending on where you are standing. The ring itself is like two wrapped around each other. As you can imagine with all of that it looks best on its own probably on a special occasion. 
Daisy Flower Ring
The band on this one is really dainty and joins at the flower on the front. The white enamel daisy placed in centre instantly catches your attention. Not to stereotype but every girl likes flowers... I certainly do, waking up to some in my room instantly puts me in a good mood. This ring has a similar feeling when I look down at it on my finger as it was a present from my sister. It is what only be described as the ultimate feminine ring.
March Birthstone Ring
This was the first I ever purchased and it set me on a path of love and want, hence the three other rings in this post. I am fully aware that this is the birth stone for March, the part that isn't making too much sense is that I'm born in July... which in case you didn't know is a ruby. I'm more of a pastel kind of girl and this colour I felt was much more appropriate to accessorise and pair with my wardrobe. This blue/aquamarine shade hit a spot and I got it regardless, it makes the perfect everyday ring. This one also works really well if you would like to stack rings!
Large Pink Opal Ring
It would be very wrong for me not to have a pink ring so this is the one I went for. The subtle pink is the perfect shade and very complimentary on my skin tone. I think this makes the perfect statement ring and I'm aware this is a big statement itself but it's my favourite. The sparkly outer circle adds a twist to the otherwise simple design and oozes glamour.
This is my collection so far although I'm sure more will be added soon. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Beautiful ring collection! I love the one with the soft pink stone <3

    1. Thank you, I think that's my most worn - all pink everything with me!x


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