Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Naked Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Feast your eyes on Urban Decay's new beauty release, The Smoky Palette. Beautiful to look at it but how will it compare to the others?
Once I heard the rumours I was excited before even seeing what it looked like. I only have the third rose gold one but had been toying with the idea of getting another for a while but glad I waited meaning I was able to get my hands on this. I mean the idea is perfect, let's face it we are all trying to achieve the best smoky eye and now they have provided us with a palette especially for that purpose. 

The packaging is always a big thing for me and they didn't disappoint. With a magnetic closure it keeps them secure and safe, yes I did just say that and know I don't care if I sound sad after spending nearly £40 on this beauty. With a smoke effect cover in grey it has a sleek finish I automatically fell in love with. It has a mirror inside which is handy if you are travelling and on the go but also if you just want to see things up close when using the eye shadows. It is in a brown translucent casing which I think helps to show of the shades really well.

It has 12 eye shadows, mixture of browns, blacks and greys depending on how you are feeling or what you prefer. There is a balance of warm and cool meaning that there is combination to suit anyone and their tastes. It comes with a dual ended brush that I actually really like, one end a fluffy blending brush and the other a compact pencil used for precision. The pigmentation is just as good if not better with only Armor having slight fall out when used. I mean let's face it I think Urban Decay have nailed eye shadows by now and I didn't expect anything less. If you are worried about not knowing where to start they include some examples and where to place each shade to give you different looks until you feel more comfortable to experiment on your own.

I already have a look up on my Youtube channel but let me know if you would like to see more!


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