Friday, 14 August 2015

Shoulder Show Off

Showing a little shoulder never hurt nobody so here I am flashing my collar bones, how wild of me.
I've loved these tops that are floating around recently but I have had an issue with the fact that all of the styles available being body-con or super tight. Don't get me wrong those ones are nice but I just didn't like the way they looked on me and went on the hunt to find one I would feel more comfortable in.

These black jeans are my favourite the fit is better than any other I have tried and ever pair I have tested after don't compare. I am fully aware that they are so faded they actually look grey now but I like them too much to just get rid of them! Reckon I can get away with just saying they are distressed and supposed to be that way? Going to wear them regardless... maybe I should re-dye.

How beautiful is this ring set? Gold plated beauties. I like the layering thing that have going on and the way they all sit so perfectly together. If you aren't in to wearing a lot of rings all at once then they look just as nice solo. If you can't already tell I am clearly more of throw them all on kind of girl.

What I Wore:
Top | Warehouse
Jeans | Warehouse
Heels | Zara
Bag | Boohoo
Rings | Accessorize 


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