Monday, 17 August 2015

Being Branded A B*tch

I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one who has been branded a bitch in their lifetime and here I share my story, there is two sides to all of them.
Put your hand up if you have ever felt victimised by Regina George, question is what do you do if people think you are Regina? At some point we've all been her apparently and it certainly felt like being hit by a bus. The insult that gets thrown around by almost everyone these days is that you're a "Bitch". 

You have a 'bitch' resting face which makes you unapproachable and unfriendly = Bitch.

You don't give the boy who gropes you in the club any attention = Bitch.

You want to do well in your career and work hard to reach your goals of being a female boss = Bitch.

Basically you do something someone doesn't agree with and you are a BITCH!
The reasons I've been called a bitch are endless, I could continue and I'm sure you could all add some of your own too. I personally use to find this the most offensive thing to be called however over time it seems to just be the new name for every single girl out there. Referring to your friends as 'main bitches' or your girlfriend as your 'bitch'. According to the dictionary that technically would make you a female dog. However its used out of context and more commonly used these days for being arrogant, two-faced and a bit of a back stabber. These are all things I'm far from and I would kind of like to clear the air for myself and those alike. 

Let's take a look at the examples above for a starting point of what to go by. Firstly the resting 'bitch' face  or so they like to call it, is just my face in it's natural state. I apologise if that makes me look unapproachable or unfriendly but it is literally just the way I look. The funny thing is if people smile at me I always smile back and I often smile at a lot of people yet get nothing in return. Then me smiling also makes me a bitch because you don't think it's sincere. So regardless of what you do it's all about the preconception people have of you. This is made up through the way you look, the opinion of their friends or something they have completely made up in their head as they think they have you all sussed out. If you looked beyond the exterior and said hello and actually got to know me properly you would soon discover your original thoughts of me may disappear. So many times I've had the old "when I first met you I thought you were a bitch" and when I ask why they just say "I don't know really, just did". This for me is even more frustrating because these people have become some of my friends and realise I'm nothing like their first thoughts. To be honest if I am doing something considered wrong I would like to rectify it but having no reason I just looked bitchy isn't good enough.

Secondly, I do not appreciate being groped if you want my attention what happened to just saying 'Hello' and introduce yourself. I mean if that technique has ever worked for you then wow but for me it's insulting and you are unwontedly invading my personal space. It also crosses my mind if you are happy enough to touch me inappropriately you think it's okay to disrespect women and have probably already done it to about two other girls who have walked by and frankly I would never want to be with a guy like yourself so if that makes me a bitch, fine by me. 

Thirdly I want to do well in my career, why is that a bad thing? I'm not going to trample on people to get to the top just put in hard work and hopefully my efforts will be rewarded with promotions. The rumour is that it's a jealousy thing but I'm all for supporting other people in their ventures. You get what you give and there isn't a truer saying out there. So is the whole one door closes and another opens, your time will come maybe not this time but one day you will be noticed and you career dreams met. I know it can be hard especially if it's something you really want but at the same time that person wants it just as much otherwise they wouldn't be doing what they are doing and it's not okay to make them feel bad for aiming high or in a more dramatic sense crush their dreams.

The degrading word has almost lost it's mojo because it is so overused and with what meaning exactly? I mean nobody is perfect including myself but one thing I wish everyone would stop is bringing each other down all the time. Positive vibes only people, the world would be a much better place. Also sometimes the girl you think is the "bitch" is probably vulnerable, with a low self-esteem and is intimidated by something you have whether that be your intelligence, looks, outfit, boyfriend, family, life - anything. 

I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments!



  1. Great post, I think that people who call other people names don't have the ability to imagine themselves in their shoes or give others the benefit of a doubt to at least try to understand why other people are the way they are.
    And I especially don't like it when women are called bitches for actions that male bosses would be expected to do.



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