Monday, 3 August 2015

Pom Pom Pointed Heels

I may have stole shoes from my barbie a few years back and aren't they dreamy?!
I know these are going to be a serious marmite shoe as on their first outing I had some mixed reviews. I wore them to a christening which I thought would be very appropriate - made my outfit more fun and they are also child friendly. Some said it was too draw attention to my legs, others that they were very unique and one whispered that they were very cute and people just didn't get fashion these days. I obviously agreed with the latter as I think they are the definition of sass. 

Having first spotted the navy pair I posted a picture on my snapchat to share their beauty. Only a few days later I was close to tears seeing that they had a new pair in... PINK! If you are new or hadn't already guessed I have a slight obsession with the colour. Of course they had to be mine and my gorgeous friends surprised me on my birthday by getting them for me before I did. Even more fabulous right? 

I love the lace up detailing a lot of shoes have going on at the minute. This particular pair is finished with a rather large pink pom pom on the end which inject some personality. The satin material gives a hint of princess and the small heel makes them super comfortable. I can't gush about these enough, I just love them!

Shoes | Asos



  1. I Love this post... Can you please Mark a post about your course, Fashion Business and Promotion?

    1. Of course, what would you like me to cover?x

    2. A little bit of everything... books, lectures, teachers


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