Monday, 6 July 2015

Turning 20

So yesterday in case you didn’t already know was my 20th birthday. Although I feel more like 13 going on 30 I fill you in on how it feels to wave goodbye to my teen years.
I feel like the “you’re not a teenager anymore” lines are on the horizon and although you are officially an adult in this country at 18 I feel as if It hasn't really hit me until now. Why now? you ask. Well being the baby of a rather large family I think there will always be part of me that feels ‘younger’ as I’ve always been surrounded by older people. Although my granny seems to think I;m sixteen again! I kind of get babied regardless - you young ‘uns in the family will get what I mean. Just to throw it out there I am very grateful to be blessed with such an amazing family who look after me and would do anything to ensure I am happy. That time has come though where they are all starting to realise I can do things for myself and that I also kind of like. 

I have to admit I think my mum is taking it harder than I am. I can’t get my head around the fact I’ve been around for 20 years, must be even stranger for her who watched me grow from day one to now. I always think on birthday’s what it will be like a few years from now. I mean my next one is pretty important being the big 21 and I will be in a completely different position. I will have finished university, be setting up my future career and officially moving out - a massive turning point in my life (which to be honest is a bit daunting to think thats a year form now).

For that reason I decided to take a more chilled birthday this year. My parents and friends kindly arranged things for me to do all weekend which I have vlogged so keep an eye out for that soon. It’s very rare that I get everyone together I love in one room but this weekend was pretty close. This year I didn't even feel my birthday coming, normally I have such a build up of excitement but I suppose I have been caught up in other things and once I had come back form holiday I didn't have much time left. 

When I get a year older each year I don’t really feel the time passing and I honestly don’t feel any older. I do agree with the whole “age is just a number” saying because sometimes you can be so different to the age you are to how you feel inside. Here is to another year and a thank you for all your birthday wishes!


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