Monday, 20 July 2015

The Problem With Buying 'Out Out' Clothes

This may sound slightly crazy as you are probably very aware that I just turned 20 but what I'm about to say seriously ages me...
Okay, so I'm going to be completely honest with you. When I was 17 I had to grow up really quick, sometimes life throws these crazy things at you which forces you to think more like an adult. Turning 18 was such as big deal but to be honest I wasn't that fussed having ruined it for myself drinking underage (which I wouldn't promote but on the other hand I said I would be honest). Growing up before my years meant that once I actually had the opportunity to go out the fun of it was starting to wear off. 

I found that standing in a club where I couldn't talk to people as the music was already doing some serious damage to my ear drums, looking after the one person that had a little too much and 'gentlemen' that think it's acceptable to grope you in the club - wasn't all to my taste. Still wanting to spend time with my friends I continued to go out and to be fair I actually throughly enjoyed the majority of my nights. Well the ones that I didn't end up using my spare hair bobble to tie my friends hair, where the smell of sick made me want to vomit myself and waking up with the scent of McDonalds wafting around your room when the last thing you want is food.

One of my main issues was the melt down every Friday or Saturday thinking what can I wear? Can't wear that I wore it last week, that's too casual, this isn't dressy enough and many other reasons to go out and buy more clothes, shoes and accessories. What for? Some pictures that are going to go on Facebook, Twitter... shock horror - INSTAGRAM. I found myself spending so much money to wear these pieces of clothing one and then refusing to wear them again for at least six months which by that time would no longer be in fashion. This got much worse when starting university, as you can imagine. An endless circle really I feel. If it wasn't that it was the pressure to actually find something to wear. Why is it when you actually need something everything is disgusting and not what you had in mind. The worst part is when the roles are reversed when you don't want anything and are trying to save the penny's there is so much you could easily go out and purchase. 

In this circumstance I look to boys and see how easy they have it. A change of shirt, oh god already done - that was easy. Recently I've found buying timeless pieces and mixing up accessories is the easiest way to make it out of this vicious cycle (with a little extra cash too).

Anyone else like this? Give me your tips below, not that this granny goes out that much anymore!



  1. Just find something you really love and wear it over and over again! No one will notice - really.


    1. I must admit I've been super lazy when going out recently - jeans and a nice blouse all the time!x

  2. I recently focused on classic pieces as well. If not that, I keep the colours neutral for easier pairing with other things. That way it'll always look good and I don't have to ask myself "do I have enough options at home to pair this with" every time i'm in store and find a cute piece.


    1. Thanks for the advice, I will give the pairing thing a go for sure!x


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