Monday, 1 June 2015

Boston Tea Party Brunch

My uni girls and I have been meaning to go to Boston Tea Party since when we started now at the end of second year and we finally got round to it. About time don't you think?!
 Table for four sassy ladies please. Who doesn't love a good brunch catch up, for us it was a little celebration and a chance to talk about what we had planned for summer. Looking back and remembering this has got me feeling all excited it sounds as if its going to be a good one!

After looking at the menu I was pleased to see both vegetarian and wheat and gluten free options - y'all out there in the same boat will feel me. I was like 'ooo, choice' didn't know what to do with myself. Firstly of course it was deciding on a drink. Recently I have a thing going for flavoured teas and I'm loving them hot and cold, all of the tea gimme. This one in particular was red berry and apple, mouth watering yet? It was right up my street and the cute little mugs they were served in topped it off.
 Then food - two opting for the cheese and ham panini, another a full english and as for me the halloumi pitta. I feel like Boston Tea Party just had everything I love in one meal, that being halloumi and pomegranates. I was obviously sold as soon as I saw that combination but everything else in it was just as good. The pitta from what I could remember also had spinach, cucumber and carrots. The sauce was like a peppery mayo and was perfect to bring the whole meal together. It was just so yummy I can't even tell you.

The staff were so lovely and smiley and it's funny how much it actually makes a difference. I would highly recommend going there this is the one in Birmingham but I think there is a few more out and about!


  1. Elated to know about your tea party brunch. Recently, I had arranged my friend’s tea party at one of beautiful lofty spaces in city. Invited all her friends and we all enjoyed a lot there. Everyone liked arrangements there and everyone had good time.

    1. Thank you! Wow that sounds like such a lovely thing to do, glad you had a good time x


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