Monday, 16 February 2015

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

This primer is transparent and clear which for me I have never really used to much in the past but being such a fan of their lip balms from the 'baby skin' range I wanted to give it a try. It comes out of the tube thick but as soon as you start to work it in it feels as if it melts. So easy to apply I find it really glides over the skin feeling super smooth. I feel this also helps when you come to applying your foundation, the process is just improved and there is no disruption in any shape or form.
I definitely think that my pores appear reduced after using this product. I have very bad pores on my nose and with it being something I am conscious about this makes me feel a lot more confident in my skin.  I also really love the packaging it's so cute and I have to admit I'm seriously admiring that colour scheme they have going on. Overall for the price it is I think it's worth every penny. The only down side is that I have oily skin and I find it doesn't help to keep by t-zone oil free.

I am looking for a primer and foundation combination that doesn't crease? I'm just a smiley/giggly person and I find within and hour I have laugh lines, I need your help. Comment below if you have any suggestions!



  1. I use the Maybelline Age Rewind primer and it's been so great! If you need a moisturizing primer, the one by Laura Mercier is very nice too. And have you tried the Porefessional line by Benefit?

    Kat |

    1. I will give the maybelline a go thanks for the tip! I haven't still yet to try, only used a sample and couldn't make up my mind!xx


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