Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Beauty Of Basics

 Nothing this girl right here doesn't love about tailored trousers. I think its a thing I've had since I was younger, dressing all smart makes me excited for when I can wear this type of thing all the time and not get told 'your overdressed', not that really bothers me anyway. I just picture myself in my dream job wearing all these fancy clothes and with this look I feel almost there. Every girls dream right?
This blouse is just so easy to throw on and give the appearance that you've actually made an effort regardless of true other garments you are wearing. I just love that makes it such a wearable piece, no regrets (especially at primark prices).

These boots have become a staple of mine I wear them that much and every time I always get someone complimenting them. 

Just very happy with this overall look, being so in to fashion means I can sometimes go to over the top but with this look I do appreciate the beauty of basics.
What I Wore:
Earrings | Vivienne Westwood
Blouse | Primark
Trousers | Zara
Boots | Zara
Bag | Zara
Watch | Vivienne Westwood


  1. Replies
    1. Amazing aren't they? This is why I love Zara!xx

  2. Loving this look, especially the boots.

    Beautiful outfit.

    1. Thank you, nice to hear my simple more everyday looks get just as much love!xx

  3. I love this outfit, the top is amazing,



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