Monday, 19 January 2015

Strip Back Stripes

With this month being the that time where you are settling back in to the new year everything needs a revamp, including the old wardrobe. This is the time I use to just sort everything out. That pile of "stuff" needs to get sorted and if it's not done now it will be there for another year. Running around doing all sorts at the minute, everything in my life is non-stop. Which I find of like as I hate to feel as if I have wasted time, on the other hand that means my work/uni/social balance is a mess. 
To get me through the to-do list I need that versatile outfit that's going to get me from A to B but also help to go to C, D, E and all the way back to A again. Yes, that's a lot. So basically stripping things back to the classics and the best of basics is working a dream right now. This look for me nails smart casual, always one which I tend to overdress for but I think I've finally got the balance right.

This horizontal stripe tee has the most amazing neckline and I'm kind of annoyed I didn't show it off too much in the pictures. Paired with my staple black jeans a mac and some killer heels I was ready for anything.


  1. Such a chic outfit and I am in love with those shoes. Will be looking at Zara online now...

    1. Awh hope they are still on there! Can never have enough black boots, especially with this weather!x

  2. Great look, I love the jacket!


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