Thursday, 22 January 2015

Everyday Lashes

I know I have called this everyday lashes but to be honest they are just my go to lashes for anything. I'm not a fan of the really thick eyelashes that look fake. With these they are so much more wearable and natural. Therefore making them a lot easier to pull off, so I'm on board. Whether you just want to add a little something something to your every day look, to intensify that clubbing smokey eye or flutter you lashes on date night. I vote these every time.
Being part of the lengthening range they are obviously pretty long and extend those lashes to new lengths. I like the fact they aren't too close together and that they are thin as it makes it a lot easier to blend with your natural eyelashes. They also gradually get longer towards the outer eye which is very flattering and really helps to open up the way your eyes look on your face.

I think in general I have never been let down by Eylure they are the  queens of lashes. I know if you are wearing the everyday the price point may be a bit steep but they are reusable so you can get your wear out if them. I think if you take care of them, act wisely with the glue and any other products such as mascara you will reap the rewards.
 I think as well with Eylure at least with using these lashes you also get a very good glue. Literally compared to other cheaper brands the glue just doesn't work any where near as good as this. They have many other ranges but at the minute these are just my favourites.
Has anyone tried eyelash extensions? Considering trying them but I really want some opinions!


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