Thursday, 11 December 2014

Winter Blues

Got a lot of blue and a lot of New Look going on here don't we! I had a such a busy day planned so heels just weren't an option to keep up and do everything I needed to do comfort was the way forward. I think that is the only time you will catch me in flats out of choice. I wear heels so much when I don't wear them all day I get "are you feeling okay?" (just sheer shock of me wearing flats) another regular line is "You look really different" Urm, yes that would be that I'm even shorter than usual and you have begin to realise how drastically tiny I am. At least then they see why I wear them so much! There is many more occurrences but lets not go into to much detail... anyone else deal with these short problems?
What I Wore:
Jacket | New Look
Top | New Look
Boyfriend Jeans | New Look
Shoes | Zara
Bag | Kate Spade
  This has a summer feel but it's funny how sticking a black duster over the top automatically makes it more appropriate, huh? Like I said before this was a quick through on outfit as there was a lot of travelling involved so these boyfriend jeans were a no-brainer. Comfiest jeans you could own, ever. The slouchy oversized feel embraces winter fashion and a laid back style.


  1. love your bag very much :)

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    little taste of heaven


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