Monday, 29 December 2014

The Last of Christmas

This is the outfit I wore on christmas eve and although it may all be over I'm still holding on as I don't want to admit to myself it's finished until next year. Now we have to move on to the time of reflection which I'm not sure I actually enjoy so here we are with my last christmas orientated post.
What I Wore:
Polo Neck | New Look
Skirt | Boohoo
Bag | New Look
 Boots | Zara
 There is something about wearing a midi skirt that makes me feel so Carrie Bradshaw, I love it purely for that reason. Sometimes it's nice to have a break from the mini's as well, although I love them and think they are more flattering (on my height) I don't feel they carry the same chic, classy, elegant appearance. Plus the added length is always nice in the winter season as I definitely wouldn't be brave enough to wear one without tights.
I feel like this look is like the boxing day leftovers still just as good the day after. 


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