Monday, 15 December 2014


The gilet is making another appearance in this sunset post. It is seriously the most soft, snug thing I own. I mean I do love coats but once it gets to the stage you have to wear one everyday I like to mix things up. At the minute the weather I don't feel is actually too bad *fingers crossed*, probably jinxed it, sorry. Anyway until then I'm incorporating my jacket collection into the mix.
Ahh the pink zara boots... just ignore the black marks okay (No shame). Think its time I invest in a boot cleaner. Anyway proves how much I love them because you'd think pink boots how many times will you wear them? In my case a lot. My love for pink is obvious but they are just the most amazing boot. Not only do I love the colour for a pop to the outfit or just to keep the pink throughout the look, they also have a pointed toe. Another one of my obsessions. 
I promise that I don't wear a hats every day just they work out as the blog worthy looks. I will tone it done in the future (alright I can't promise anything but I will try). That is one accessory I just can't get enough of, anyone with me?

What I Wore:
Hat | Topshop
Blouse | Topshop
Gilet | Topshop
Jeans | Warehouse
Ring | Pandora
Boots | Zara
Bag | Zara

 P.s - I'm doing a weekly vlogmas on my channel if you want to see what I actually get up too! Just search 'Aine Tagon'



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