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My 2014 In Outfits

Hello and Happy New Year! I can't believe that it's 2015, that's going to take some getting use to. Whilst you are nursing your hangover, I thought I would do a recap of the year with my favourite outfit picks from each month of the year. This is my second one of these although before I didn't have a whole year to get through before so this could take a bit longer! Looking back at the start of the year I cannot believe how Aine's Wardrobe has evolved and myself personally. Join me as I look back on 2014 (tea, coffee and a snack may be needed, its a long one)!
To kick the year off I was feelin' myself well according to the post! In January which feels like a lifetime ago I was feeling pretty bad to tell you the truth. I started to become very unwell and numerous trips to the doctors didn't seem to fix it if anything I left more puzzled than I started with. Normally you want to start the year at your best - whether that's keeping to your new years resolutions, working to reach your goals or just simply carrying on the path you are content with. I have to admit it's hard to pick yourself up when you don't start well. However this post in January was definitely a night I treasure. Finally settling in to university life I had made a solid group of friends on my course and we still laugh and joke about this night now. It's nice to have something so positive in this month especially as it was a tough time.

As you can see February didn't seem to exist... I took a break and sometimes thats just what you need to get your life back on track. Health came first for me and I didn't want to put content out there that I wouldn't like to read myself and wasn't a true representation. It was hard for me because I finally knew the direction I wanted to take my life in and I wasn't physically able, which has to be the most frustrating feeling.
 March however brought one of the most amazing experiences of the year. My first trip to Paris!! Eeeekkk. That must be on every girls wish list and now I can see why. Such a beautiful place literally  the most instagramable streets I have ever seen. The weather wasn't great when I went but I ticked so many things off my bucket list like visiting Angleina's Cafe (Coco Chanel and Audery Hepburns hang out), went up the Effile Tower, went to collette (amazing concept store for everything 'in') and so much more. I still to this day want to go back as I truly believe it was the most magical place. I just want to take it all in properly as at the time I was so caught up in it all that I didn't stop for a second.
In April I had my first Head Office placement in Buying at New Look. This was so enlightening, Buying is the career I've been interested in since sixth form and it is my goal. After living the experience for three weeks my passion for the industry became even stronger. Fashion for me isn't just something I enjoy it's a lifestyle and I consider myself a sponge in the topic. My entire life revolves around it and I do that out of choice and theres nothing that gives me the same feeling. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I was given and the doors that opened for me in this stage of my life.
 In May I waved goodbye to my first year of uni, which I still can't get my head around. Really make the most of being a fresher it was one of the most amazing things. My life is slowly transforming and uni has brought out some qualities I didn't know I had. I was known for being the nice girl, a bit of a push over and well I had to grow some balls (not literally but you know what I mean). Not being in the comfort of your own home, having to form new friendship groups and being thrown in the deep end really tests you and I feel I'm a better person now than I was before. I've become more balanced and learned it's okay to say no sometimes. My sister celebrated her 21st birthday which was a massive thing for our family.
June was another special time including another exciting trip. MILAN. Yes, I know, two fashion capitals in one year. I can't explain how happy I was when I found out. This time a family holiday which of course included a lot of shopping but don't worry I did some site seeing too! At this point I felt slightly better and we began to have a break through with my health and I was only a few steps away from recovery, therefore a new challenge was on my mind of course.
 July the best month ever, why you ask? Well a number of things - My birthday, Aine's Wardrobe's birthday and this year the start of my Youtube channel. Although for my birthday I didn't have a crazy night out I enjoyed it a lot more. I had two of my uni friends down to stay with me and went to turtle bay with two of my best friends from home. I've begun to appreciate the smaller things in life and that for me was everything and I couldn't think of a way to make my birthday any better. My inner Sass had arrived and I have never felt so confident, I finally stopped caring about what people thought so much and just did me. As a response to that my personal style really came in to it's own and I explored what I liked and didn't like much more.
 In August I was just enjoying the last of summer before returning to uni. I worked a lot in retail and although I loved my job I regretted not making the most of the time I had and spending it with the ones I care about. When you get sucked up in to life doing all the things you need to do you forget who your doing it for and yes of course you are doing it for yourself but I'm a family girl and I always try to make my parents happy and proud. In August I also had my second small operation which made me feel so much better, in fact I would go as far as saying it transformed my life. I finally felt normal and didn't have to worry about all the things we shouldn't have to worry about at this age. I could finally relax, felt like I could breathe again.
 Of course that meant September after recovering I was more driven than ever. Everything changed. I brought a new camera and I began to take everything much more seriously and my blog was more than just an escape it was something I wanted to do properly, make something I'm proud of. I cleared out old posts I felt were irrelevant or just not up to the standard I wanted to put out on the internet and I began discussing a new blog design that was more me. You could call it a late spring clean, if you like. I think my enthusiasm was noticed attending my first ever London Fashion Week blogger event I met some people I admire with great style and just felt the buzz the fashion event has to offer. Just after I won a competition allowing me to attend the 'Blogging Masterclass With In The Frow' and I couldn't believe my luck. I was introduced to the lovely team at Primark and was given tips by Victoria personally to help me a long the way. Her advice was very helpful and gave me the starting point to put all the motivation in to practice. As if September wasn't busy enough I started my second year of my fashion course, time flies huh? 
October was purely settling back in to the uni lifestyle. The shock of second year hit home and I began to realise how my social life was about to go out the window. Let's just say coffee became my best friend, that was the only way I could fit everything in. My new blog template was fitted and I couldn't be happier with it. Minimal with all my favourite colours (pink, black, white and grey; just incase you were wondering).
 Moving in to November I took the plunge to 'dabble' in beauty. Although it's not my forte as such, being part of the youtube world also taught me things I never knew. Getting to learn more about different products I started to spend more on cosmetics than before and started to really analyse what I thought about them instead sticking to doing my make up a certain way I felt comfortable with for the rest of my life. I wanted to put these thoughts down when I found things I didn't like so much or things I loved. I'm hoping the more comfortable I can get the more posts for you to see. With my first lot of emails from brands offering to gift me and collaborate I couldn't believe the places my little blog could take me. 
 Finally, Decemeber. Taking part in VLOGMAS over on my channel I can't believe I made it through 24 days of my life straight recording the majority of it. I know it's nice to have subscribers but for me personally it's nice to look back on memories and capture special moments that make me smile.

Now here I am the evening before New Years eve writing this post and reflecting on the year. The one thing everyone should take from this (if you made it) is that everybody has there lows but it's how you pick yourself up.


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