Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sleek - Blush By Three

Blush Palette - Pink Lemonade 369
Icing Sugar | Pigmented Shimmer
Macaroon | Cream Blush
Pink Mint | Pigmented Shimmer

On my first finger I used the cream blush Macaroon. I like the fact you have the option of a cream blush as I think these can often look more natural. This works really well for day make up especially if you want a more subtle look as I'm fully aware of how scary these colours may look in the pan. It blends so easily and you only need to use a small bit as its so pigmented. You can build up the blush if you want a more intense look but thats does for all of them not just this shade.

Secondly I moved on to the the first of the pigments Icing Sugar. Being a very shimmery shade this one is more of a sheer shade but appears a deep pink blush when layered which is nice for a darker skin tone. It lives up to the name it looks like the glitter sprinkled cakes (mmm cake) which for this time of year would work a treat for the party season. A small bit applied would work really well to add to a glowy look as the sparkles would continue this.

Finally the last one in the palette is Pink Mint. This has more of an orange colouring the the blush and the shimmer leaves a golden bronzed effect on the cheeks. Would work really well in summer or for a golden metallic look. 
 I had heard so much about these palettes over on youtube and I was really impressed all the things I'd heard were true! The pigment pay off did not let me down and for a drugstore purchase even better. I'm not a massive blusher person but this may have changed my opinion and I may begin to wear them more often, even considering getting another palette for more variety. Although you can layer and mix the ones in this palette to create a different look as you can see they all compliment each other really well. Changed lady! 

Aine x


  1. i looove the sleek contour palette, this is definitely going to be my next purchase! x

    // The Dress Diaries

    1. Yes that's next on my list apparently it's amazing! Plus who doesn't love a budget contour x


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