Thursday, 27 November 2014

Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Brushes
Contour Brush
Stippling Brush
Foundation Brush
Eye Shadow Blending Brush
Detailer Brush
Buffing Brush
 Urm yes, sorry I'm late on the bandwagon. Being more of a fashion orientated person that is where the majority of my money goes (to be honest). I'm always in awe of peoples make-up and it's something that for me has always been fascinating but I often look a bits of make-up or brushes etc and think in my head I could buy a top for that or whatever and I end up feeling the price for some make-up things are just ridiculous and end up sticking to the same old boring routine which I have finally chosen to break out of. Anyone with me on that feeling? 

Anyways this is why I am encouraging myself to do beauty posts here on Aine's Wardrobe now too as I do feel make-up can really enhance and even complete a look. I'm clearly no expert but the more I try and test I'm sure my skills will improve and I will always say if I'm not fond of something because we wouldn't want to waste that fashion fund now would we! This is something I want to explore in to more but no worries I will still be pretty fashion heavy for a while me thinks.

My first step had to be these brushes I think application is everything as it can really change the way something looks. From using my old brushes to these I have seen the drastic difference it really does make. I'm not going to bang on about how amazing these brushes are because I think everyone already knows!

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see or something you think I would like below,
Aine x



  1. Going through your blog and I love it

    Love your style too xx

    1. Awh thank you! Means a lot, glad you are enjoying it x


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