Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Blogging 2013

The start of my blog.

'Galway Girl'
Visit to see family in Ireland.
'Leaving Tea Party'
Heading off to uni, where I have learnt so much about others and myself. I have also met the most amazing people and had some experiences I won't forget.
'I Only Want You To Love Me'
The new opportunities that my fashion course has provided me. Attending exhibitions on photography and fashion in the city of London with course friends was a massive eye opener to what my world was going to be like.
'Party Season'
A sense of change - staying Birmingham for uni, new more sophisticated/timeless style and A FRINGE! Well I never.
'The Coat'
Thinking every winter how I survived England's icey cold weather and coming home for my favourite time of year, yes Christmas.
Feels strange to already be waving 2013 goodbye, I say it every year 'how has it gone by so quickly'. What a year it was, started my blog in July just after my eighteenth birthday and seized the opportunity to start something which would be productive and that I enjoyed. Then here I am in the new year still blogging and might I add this is my 50 post which I feel is a little achievement within itself. This year has had its ups and downs but there has been an outfit attached to each one, reminders of a day, a thought or emotion. New years is always for me a time for reflection and although mostly having a negative look on the year there were also many positives which carried me through and will drive me to make this year even better.

Happy New Year!
Aine x

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