Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Leather on Leather

 Visited my sister in Nottingham recently, had a really good time even though it went by so quickly! If you have me on instagram don't tell everyone how delayed this post is, on the plus side I have loads of blogs lined up from the clothes show live and lots of festive outfits for this Christmas season.
What I Wore -
Top: Primark
Legging: Miss Selfridge
Pumps: Topshop
I brought this top when buying my dress from blog post 'Classy Place, Classy Dress', was definitely in a block/monochrome mind frame that day! Came out with two amazing pieces which I really adore. I was drawn to the leather panelling and how it used my three top favourite colours when it comes to clothes. Some would say teaming this top with yet another faux leather item could be an overwhelming combo but I think it worked out a treat. Although I just threw my hair up into a bun (spent too long on my make-up) it turned out nicer as I often go for similar hair styles when going out as the one is more casual it was a good change.
Meet my sister Torri, this was a picture from our night out.

What are you doing to change up your looks this winter season?
Aine x


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