Saturday, 28 September 2013

Last Night Of Fresher's

That has possibly been the quickest week of my life. I've already been swept off my feet with my first coursework project and spent lots of bonding time with my flat two roomies. I could not believe it on Monday when it was our last official night of fresher's, boo! The seriousness started to kick and I began to realise I would actually have to do some work.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: New Look
I was able to get a quick snap before I attended the pre-drinks upstairs and then went to closing event at the 02 academy. This dress is perfect for the winter florals which are starting to come through. The mixture of light and dark purple tones in the flowers adds a gothic/dark element to what is normally something only worn in summer. I love this trend as it enables me to bring some of my ditsy floral prints into winter, which normally you would get a few funny looks for. This is a dress I actually brought a few years back now and I actually forgot I had it until I was packing all my stuff for uni. This was really good for me actually, I re-discovered loads of old clothes that I use to love and that had been shoved to the back to make room for my new ones. As it was the last night I wanted to make a bit more effort than the rest of the week so I wore my nude platforms from New Look, curled my hair and did the classic smokey eye effect which I topped off with some fake eyelashes.
Can I just say... How beautiful are my flat two girls?!
Not only are they looking gorgeous on this last night of fresher's but they are truly lovely people and I'm so glad I met all of them, I'm one lucky flat mate. Also on the plus side they all have great style and a few fashion gems that I have my eye on for borrowing, cheeky I know!
Aine x

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