Saturday, 13 February 2016

Love Your Face: Making The Most of Masks

With valentine's being tomorrow talk everywhere has taken a sharp turn about how to make the day special for your other half. However in the wise words of Justin Bieber loving yourself is very important too. Nothing a pamper session can't do for the way you're feeling!
Starskin Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask
There has been a craze of these sheet masks recently so I was keen to give one a go. I mean as much as I love a good rub on mask it can get rather messy and this is an alternative version which is far more advance. One of the first most popular masks I came across was the Starskin masks. They come in a number of different combating solutions but I went for the hydrating finish. Although my skin is oily I often get concerned about the amount of moisture it actually gets as I am afraid of the majority of products with the feeling it will only make this worse. However with it promising to be intensely hydrating, smoothing, skin rejuvenating, long-lasting suppleness and a helping hand in moisture loss prevention, I honestly couldn't think of anything that sounded much nicer. 

So the mask has three steps to follow:

1 | Cleanse Face
This ensures that your face is clear and there is nothing in the way to block the product from working and doing its job. I would highly recommend this step before applying any mask as you don't want your pores to absorb any of the bad stuff on the surface of your skin.

2 | Apply Mask
The mask has three layers (don't worry you aren't applying them all), the top and bottom are just protective layers which need to be removed before application. Simply smooth the mask over your face making sure there are no wrinkles or air pockets to get the full effect.

3 | Remove
After the suggested 15-20 minutes suggested it is time to take your mask off. That's it you just wait for the moisture layer to absorb before carrying on with your day to get the full effect.

Pretty simple right? Perfect to put your feet up and watch your favourite tv show or spare a few moments for that magazine you've been meaning to make time to read. After application which took a while to ensure there was no holes the results were impressive. My face felt so smooth and soft when I removed it, the most notable thing was how much brighter my skin appeared.

Timeless Truth Hydra Intense Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask
Maybe you already have a favourite mask, or you want to target a specific area? Then this could be for you! I for one have been slightly stressed recently with a lack for good sleep and it shows. I suffer from terrible eye bags and dark circles no matter what I seem to try, think it is just in my genes. Looking after your eye area is incredibly important as it is often the first place to show fatigue and ageing. I have to admit I am awful at buying eye creams or anything like that but this mask could be my quick fix. This eye mask aims to reduce dryness which will help your under eye make-up look less cakey alongside reducing puffiness and toning fragile skin.

Steps to application:

1 | Cleanse Face
Similar reasons to the first mask you want to ensure your face is looking lovely and natural before using this product.

2 | Apply Mask
After opening the sachet and taking out the eye mask you have to follow the same steps as previously used with the other mask. Take away the protecting layers and gently place on your under eye area.

3 | Remove
Starting to sound familiar isn't it! Similarly you want to keep this on for 15-20 minutes and massage in the remaining product in to your skin.

You can then continue with your routine as normal applying moistures and make-up if you please. For the best results it say you can use these 3 to four times a week. I believe the product is ideal to target your under area, it is cooling to touch which is great for calming down redness or puffiness. They are sculpted to fit the shape of your under eye making it much easier to apply and slide into place.

Both products can be used one after the other or you can use them on different occasions for when you feel that your skin needs that hydration hit. I was kindly gifted both these items but all opinions are my own and I would like to thank both Starskin and Timeless Truth for giving me this opportunity to share two amazing products with you. 


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