Thursday, 11 February 2016

Destination Denim

There once was a girl who only ever wore dresses and skirt (me if you aren't getting the hint) and suddenly decided to buy her first pair of jeans which transformed her life forever. Since that day I've been a changed woman and for years I have been lusting after a denim shirt and finally got round to getting myself one and sharing it with you.
I mean I was always a bit skeptical of buying a denim shirt with the constant worry that it wouldn't look nice on me, thinking about how many times would I actually wear it and if I would ever find one in the perfect shade. Currently in a phase of trying to fill the gaps of my wardrobe, I came across this one and with a few clicks it was on its way to me shortly. When trying it on the worry that had been holding me back slowly drifted away and I couldn't believe first attempt I think I got the perfect one for me. The shape, the fit, the colour is exactly what I was after and my eyes gleamed with delight.

I knew in my head how I first wanted to wear it so my next mission was to hunt down these jeans I picked up what feels like years ago. After a rummage in my wardrobe I found them and put them on to see if the look came together as I imagined, and to be honest it's better than I could ever have thought. I love the contrast of the three shades of denim, it just works so well together! Can't wait to keep doing new looks with this, maybe even a styling video.

What I Wore:
Denim Shirt | Noisy May via Asos
Jeans | H&M
Shoes | Zara
Bag | Asos
Rings | River Island


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