Friday, 6 February 2015


Hello you lovely bunch! I was thinking, I have had my channel since July as that's a very special month for Aine's Wardrobe and of course me too which you may already know if you have followed me long enough. I normally post a video on one of that days where I don't post on here. This is usually a wednesday, just incase you were wondering. I thought it might be a good idea to put them on here as well if that is something you would like? Just wanted to join the two together a lot more and I don't feel as if I give my ol' channel enough credit on here or in general for that matter. It's something which I do and enjoy but don't promote as much as my blog.

Anyway it is a get ready with me which actually was edited really well to a song which then had technical problems when uploading so I had to change it so it now doesn't go as well. Youtube problems folks! On the other hand it does include a very yummy breakfast which is a traditional one for me which I'm sure you are fully aware of if you follow me on Instagram (@ainetagon), my make-up of the day and an outfit which hasn't been featured on here. I hope you enjoy it just the same and let me know what you think about putting them on here.


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