Wednesday, 3 December 2014

H&M X Alexander Wang

What I Wore:
Jacket | Zara
Top | H&M X Alexander Wang
Trousers | Vera Moda
Boots | Boohoo
Bag | Kate Spade
"This is an Alexander Wang Crop Top"
Stupid exposure decided not to show the detailing.

So I wasn't the biggest fan of the collection although the pieces I liked, I loved. I really wanted the dress but so did everyone so trying to get that was always going to be a long shot. On the other hand you wardrobes know that I do enjoy a good sports luxe look every now and again so would've let the side down if I didn't play to that with this look.
 One of my favourite quotes from him is "I don't do any sports! I only wear sports clothing". Pretty much sums me up (Whoops!), at least we are on the same wave length. 
 Plus its been a while since I wore this jacket right? Throwback. Still love it just as much can't believe I even forgot about it for a while. What matters is that its back in my life and I will make sure that it doesn't ever fade in to the background again... far too good for that.
Aine x

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