Friday, 15 August 2014

Too Early?

 What I Wore:
Cropped Jumper | New Look
Earrings | New Look
Skirt | Boohoo
Shoes | Zara
Bag | H&M
Looks like the front of my house is becoming the perfect blogging photo background right now. I know it's boring and a pain but I'm juggling so much at once and can't say no that this is just so much more convenient at the minute just to keep my blog up and running and keep the posts coming for you lovely lot so I do apologise and I will try to switch it up once I have more time available.

Anyways what is important is the outfit right? I'm going for comfort at the minute and this skirt is just the one. The material is soft and as its so flowing it feels like I barely have anything on (but in a good way). I made the look a bit more interesting with the waffle textured knit now the weather is staying cool, what do you think? Too early for a knit? 

The earrings and shoes help to brighten the look as I don't want to believe summer is over just yet, yes I am one of those people still wearing summer clothes until it is physically too cold.

Hope you are still enjoying my posts and thanks for sticking by me at times like this when I know I can do better! It seriously means a lot, you're all amazing.

Aine x

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