Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Queen Of Hearts ♡

It was my friends 19th birthday so we decided to go for a night out to celebrate. This playsuit is something I purchased recently along side a pair of wedges and another playsuit. I found that this was really easy to just throw on, especially as I was pushed for time. This is also why I wore my hair in a donut as this is always something I find quick and simple to do.

Playsuit: Boohoo
Shoes & Bag/Clutch: New Look

The love heart print is something which really stood out for me and I thought it was a good buy to wear casually and for a night out. The print and colours used means it can also be worn in winter with tights. The New Look heels I love as they have a real class to them and will make any outfit look glam. The black and gold heel match the clutch bag and this is a good way to bring an outfit together. I didn't feel the need to accessorise as the print does all the talking.
Aine x

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