Thursday, 22 August 2013


Just thought I'd do a quick new outfit post from the other night. As I was in such a rush I apologise for the lack of photo's in advance. I attended the last 18th birthday out of my close group of friends, summer babies aye! Had a hilarious night after the traumatic experience of getting ready. There was a classic scenario of 'I have nothing to wear' yet you are staring into a wardrobe bursting open with clothes. 

 Dress: Miss Guided
Bag: New Look
Shoes: Premium Topshop
This after trying various outfits is what I decided to wear or more like I was so late I had no choice but to wear it. This dress is something I actually purchased to wear for my own birthday but then found something else. I love how simple yet effective it is. It looks so classy and expensive for what actually was a reasonable buy. The cut out shoulders show a sneak peak of skin but not so much it looks trashy. I wore this with my premium Topshop shoes which I got for my birthday 2 years ago. As they are so glam it can sometimes be hard to put them with the right thing. Also as they are covered in little silver studs/diamantes I get very cautious when wearing them as I don't want them to get ruined. However with this outfit I felt they went perfectly. I added the clutch to keep the monochrome theme going throughout.  
Would love to hear some more feedback on my posts!
Aine x

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