Wednesday, 13 February 2019

How To Spend A Day In Oxford

As much as I love to travel the world, it is surprising how little I've seen of the UK. After acknowledging this I am making baby steps to ticking off areas I would like to visit. Oxford was one of them until around summer last year, my friend from university grew up there making it much easier for me to go and visit, especially with it only being a short journey from London. See below what I would recommend adding to your itinerary if you are planning your visit or if you just fancy a nosey what I did.
Naturally, the main reason I wanted to visit was to catch up with my friend however when she gave me free reign to plan the day as I pleased I hopped straight on Pinterest for some inspiration. The first thing that caught my attention was the famous Bridge of Sighs. After flying to Italy (Venice to be precise) after falling in love with Italian version I couldn't not see the one right here at home. Although a different appearance it still holds a wow factor and something you must-see. The intricate design, patterned windows and historical meaning is always something that captures my heart and draws me to certain sites near and far. Of course it is also the perfect picture stop for tourists and bloggers a-like. 

Oxford university has to be one of the most well known universities globally, making it another popular destination when exploring the city. The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin provides the best Birdseye view of the Radcliffe Camera which is one of the most photographed spots in Oxford (I can see why). It's unique round shape is the centre of this busy square, the perfect place for people watching and taking in the views. It is worth the small fee and ridiculous amount of small steps for what you see when you get to the top. You can also get a good view of the Bodleian Library. There is so much to see with just the university and all the buildings alone if you wanted to make your way through them all for a long weekend, or like me the ones you didn't get to see can be an excuse to go back again.
For food we had brunch at The Breakfast Club in the new town area which hosts a large shopping centre. A completely different side to Oxford, Westgate is modern and filled with familiar brands and has so many options for food we were spoilt for choice! Admittedly, I hadn't actually been before this trip which I am aware is an outrageous statement, especially with the original here in London. I tucked in to pancakes which kept my energy levels high throughout the day, only a short walk away it's a good place to start or stop for a break.

We ended our day at The Varsity Club which is a local bar, suggested by my friend who lives there. Having someone who knew the area made it super easy to get from A to B and helped to plan out the day efficiently. They also know the spots you may not know about or find from your google searches. Luckily when I made the trip (before winter struck) we were able to enjoy gin and tonics on the rooftop bar. This for me was the selling point of the venue and the sunshine made it 10x more enjoyable. It meant we could sit down and chat properly whilst still soaking up all that the city had to offer. Plus after a day in silver stilettos my feet were thankful for a seat!
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Hope you enjoyed this post - let me know if you have any further additions to my must-sees for the next time I visit her!


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