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Habits To Include In Your Everyday Routine

After a rollercoaster the past few months there were a few lifestyle changes I needed to make in order to lead a healthier and more efficient everyday. I had three infections in the space of two months, then following a blood test realised I had a number of deficiencies. Naturally, this prompted me to take a break and a long hard look at my life and how I could improve. After trialling this the past few weeks I think the points below are the ones that really made a difference. 

I have the luxury of being close enough to walk to work, which in living in London is a rarity that doesn't go under appreciated. Before I used to get up way earlier than I needed to every morning however would still never be ready on time, it was like because I had so much time I underestimated the speed I was doing things at. As they say 'the state of your bed is the state of your head' and I can tell you now mine was always a mess. I have started waking up half an hour later and those thirty extra minutes of sleep were needed. Having slow mornings means I don't rush getting out of bed and have fifteen minutes before getting out of bed now to naturally wake up, normally with BBC breakfast in the background. This also works wonders throughout the morning updating me with current affairs as well as regularly announcing the time to keep me on track. I then shower to help wake me up before heading to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. On the weekends I like to keep my curtains open and wake up naturally with the sun, something my flat mate actually introduced to me - helped me to wake up at a reasonable hour but still when I was ready. In the week when I don't take the risk but always open the curtains as I find natural light much easier to wake up to.

I love to-do lists when it comes to work, however when it comes to things I have to complete for myself my mental log just wasn't cutting it. I felt overwhelmed and would constantly forget half of what I needed to do only remembering at the last possible point.  Making a note in my phone or in a notebook for the list gives me a clear idea of whats to come for the day, week or month ahead. I am able to commit to my short-term goals and feeling much more in control. If you feel you are still finding it difficult, set a timer to avoid distractions and reward yourself with something you want to do afterwards as motivation. Following on well from the last point, I also schedule activities in my planner. This avoids any double booking scenarios as it works as a reminder for all the upcoming important dates in your diary. It also means you can optimise the evenings and weekends to your advantage. 

One that saves time and is one less thing to do in the morning is preparation. I have become such a meal prep person and outfit planner. Since doing this it ensures I don't waste food, especially things in the fridge that expire much quicker and I generally have a more stress free breakfast/lunch/dinner as it's all done at once. Cooking for one is not really fun so doing it every few nights means I spare some time elsewhere. With outfits I simply hang whatever I am wearing on the end of my bed every night, avoiding the fashion faff I was having before. 
I think as a generation we are consciously making more time for self care and for ourselves. It undoubtedly helps me to reset for the next day. For me with everything recently it's more about listening to how my body is feeling. I have such a hard time saying 'no' with the fear of missing out always blurting out 'yes' before I've really thought about it. As much as I have a good time going out on week nights and at the weekend, doing something every night or leaving no time to unwind or switch off meant I wasn't able to be fresh. Without a balance it takes its toll leaving me tired and poorly which might prevent me from doing something I wanted to do more. Sometimes you have to embrace loneliness and use that time to better myself in a more chilled environment. From pamper evenings to reading to just getting an early night counts, if that is what you need.

Going to bed early or at a reasonable time most evenings is essential. I can really feel when I haven't slept well in my performance and mood. Having a routine is the easiest way to guarantee you'll get enough sleep. We all know to
switch off the tv and disconnect from social media as the bright lights can keep our brains active - this one I'm still working on. I try to find a gripping book, podcast to listen to or just simply flick through a magazine and rest for an hour or so before turning off the side light.

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  1. I think going to bed early the night before is so important if you know you have lots of things to do because you need that energy!
    Chloe X


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