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Why Your Next Break Should Be A Staycation

Instead of joining the getaway crowds making their way across the globe why not organise something closer to home. Believe me when I say there’s beauty and adventure to be found on your doorstep, wether that is the next town up or a road trip away there is so much to offer. I recently headed to Suffolk for my friends 25th birthday, which sparked my affection for staycations and thought I would share my reasons for why you should take one for your next break.
The initial appreciation happened when I hoped in the car and after two hours had arrived at our destination. The short travel time is something I particularly enjoyed because there was no airport stress, planes to catch or passport required. I didn't have the usual panic of forgetting something important or flap about a long hall flight, in fact we put on a Disney playlist and sang our hearts out the whole way there. We all admittedly felt more calm than usual and could make the most out of our early arrival. Plus, just think you don't have to worry as much about the commute back home and can spend straight up until the last few hours before heading back home to reality. Those extra hours can make all the difference, especially after a stressful week in the office. 

As much as travelling abroad can offer a different culture, way of life and a new place to explore, you can still experience this not far from your standard location. People take holidays to the UK all of the time, or wherever you are living, you just don't think about it like that. Be a tourist in your own home country, all it takes is a change of perspective. We took a trip to the tranquil countryside enabling us to unwind, the perfect place to relax before Christmas. It had beautiful scenery as we were situated on a farm, opening the curtains with only green fields in sight,  it was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of city life. Alternatively, there are also lovely coastal towns or quintessentially English villages which would be equally appealing. I've been wanting to visit the Cotswolds for a number of years and hoping to make the trip for my next staycation. The plus side is wherever you go, you’re never too far from another attraction or landmark and can stay in a number of different areas with a little more planning.

One thing that also springs to mind is self-catering. When you have allergies  or don't eat certain types of food it can be a real pain going away. The fear of not finding anything you like or ending up with the same dish for every meal as the options are so limited can really kill your mood. Not having to think about that on this mini break was a real weight off my shoulders. You can eat what you like, with the ability to bring your own food shop or still have a shop close by that you know well, finding food is never an issue. If you are not wanting to cook you can always try something new from the closest town, I think it's always nice to support the local independent businesses and that way you get more of a feel for the area.

For the long weekend I couldn't believe how quickly I had settled in to the new environment. For me it felt like home away from home. They had comfortable furnishings, cosy fires, beams and more character than any hotel you could find. With an easy layout to the property and plenty of space for all guests, it was easy to let your hair down. After running round the house, being one of the first to arrive I had the luxury of choice when it came to picking my room. Almost everyone had their own double bedroom meaning a good nights sleep was on the cards for all.
Although we had much more of a cosy winter weekend indoors there is the opportunity to go out and discover more of your surroundings. On the Sunday a few of the group headed to the pier which had an arcade, entertaining them for a few hours. I personally stayed in and used the chance to catch up on a my blog posts, editing images and writing, whilst the rest watched a movie. Hikes and walks would be a great way to get to know the place and also the country air can work wonders.

For the first time in forever you don't have to be conscious about numbers or noise. In this case there is no limit, the more the merrier. You don't have to split up in to separate rooms or squeeze in to one space, you can find somewhere that fully meets your requirements. We ended up at Searson's House and also hired the attached Searson's Cottage, which together could sleep up to 18 people. With bright and spacious rooms, including the main living areas we were able to enjoy the company of everyone there at once. Meaning you get to spend some quality time with friends and/or family. 

By doing a staycation you will be able to get more for your money. These are good value as you don't pay per room, you just split the rent costs between the group. Plus although there are still travel costs involved it isn't half as much as your dream destination. This is ideal if you are trying to save a few extra pennies and you can still make your way home feeling rejuvenated. 

Final point, although I do feel I could go on forever. You can bring as much or as little as you would like with you, no luggage limitations insight. Having to wheel my spinner case and carry my hand luggage (with the amount I usually bring) can be a real back breaker. For this I was able to pack by Cath Kidston Holdall and wear comfy sweats all weekend, the dream at this time of year. 

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Overall I had a wonderful trip and will undoubtably be going on many more staycations in the future.


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