Tuesday, 10 October 2017

5 Things To Remember When You Feel Stressed

It's hard to believe I have nearly been in my graduate job for a year now, in some ways it feels like a lifetime with the amount I have learnt and grown and in others no time at all. In peak times of both life and work it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of things to do and you end up getting bogged down with pressure. On my recent trip to Mykonos I thought about five things that help me put everything in to perspective and feel less stressed during busy periods.

1 | All Situations Are Temporary

One of the most important things I remind myself of is that nothing lasts forever. A bad day or week does not equal a bad life, so just take each moment and task as it comes. I think we know this intellectually but tend to get all wrapped up in the moment. Hot cups of tea go cold. Everything is always a transition but nothing that you can't pick yourself back up from.

2 | There Is No Wrong Decision

I am guilty of spending to long dwelling on certain situations making millions of pro/con lists, flipping coins hoping that you'll know which choice is the one you want before the coin hits the ground. Personally I believe there is no such thing as a wrong decision. You have the right decision and a lesson. If you pick something and it doesn't work or go as originally planned, you can try again, smarter. It is much easier to define what is not working than what is. Life is full of choices and we are bound to make a few errors every now and again so don't beat yourself up.

3 | I've Survived All The Difficult Moments of My Past

Take a moment to think about all of the things you've been through in your life, a lot right? Everything that gets thrown our way, no matter how big it seems at the time, we manage. I look back at points in my life and wonder how an earth I coped. When it all feels too much look back to these moments as a way to  remember your strength. 

4 | Be Still And Know

To get somewhere you have to focus. Focus on one thing, only. A task or moment - be full of that and find joy in that stillness. When I have a pile of work to do I spend more time thinking about all the little things rather than the task I am doing. This massively effects my productivity levels and general mood as it often feels as if you are getting nowhere. Doing one thing at a time and channeling all you energy in to that, you'll be surprised how much more efficient you become. 

5| Trust The Guidance Of The Universe

Choose to believe that whatever you are dealing with is being worked on by some entity bigger than yourself. Choose to believe that where you are is okay. You are enough. Leaving life down to fate might seem a big chance but you simply cannot control everything. Once you appriciate the everyday it all seems to fall in to place as you accept life for all that it is - the highs and lows.

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I hope the tips in this post have helped if you are feeling under pressure at the minute!


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