Thursday, 17 August 2017

London Cafe Series: Farm Girl, Notting Hill

This series has been slightly neglected as life has got in the way, I messaged around my friends to see who was free to join me for a catch up and to cross one more London cafe off my list. I'm sure this name might ring a bell from some the tags of your favourite bloggers with their picturesque flatlays, latte art and courtyard ootd's but I thought I would check it out for myself.

Notting Hill has to be one of my favourite areas in London. I can't help but walk around in awe of peoples beautiful homes, envy the variety of their markets and become filled with the sense of community. This place has so much to offer and Farm Girl is certainly a well-loved stopping point for all who visit. Tucked away off Portobello Road it is easy to find and not far from both the station or the market. Going on a weekend just after lunchtime a queue was expected but on the plus side went down a lot quicker than anticipated. The main part is that it was worth the wait!

We both sat down on the seating outside surprised that the London weather had taken a break from the rain and wanted to make the most of the small bit of sunshine that was peaking through. Scanning through the menu it was clear to see the involvement of some nutritional ingredients in so many of their dishes, making the decision on what to have twice as hard. To drink I opted for the 'What A Melon Water' as I hadn't fully decided and impulse picked to the waiter because I thought the idea of Watermelon Juice sounded amazing (which it was). I was side eyeing my friends latte but having already had my coffee dose for the day and didn't want to end up overly high on caffeine - trust me no one wants to see that.

To eat I chose the Açai Bowl which I have become a big fan of in the past couple of months. Every time I have one I feel full but also fulfilled. I'm not craving something else after, I'm not feeling heavy or bloated and I'm defiantly not regretting my choice. Filled with organic frozen Amazonian berries blended with banana & almond milk topped with coconut shavings & chia seeds this was something I couldn't resist. I added granola to bring an extra texture in to the mix and to ensure it would be enough to fill me up right up until dinner. On the other hand my friend opted for the Berry Pancakes made from Benoit’s buckwheat mix with amber maple syrup, peppermint & fresh strawberries sprinkled with coconut shavings - which as you can see from the images looks insane!

One thing I like in particular is the fact their produce is selected carefully from the New Covent Garden Market, right here in London. It makes it that little bit more special, not only supporting a flourishing independent cafe but also them giving back to the local community where we live. It's the freshness and quality that keep people going back for more... and maybe those instagrammable pink tables.

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Let me know if you have been to any of the Cafe's I have recommended in this series, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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