Sunday, 29 January 2017

Styling Tips For Petite Girls

As a petite girl myself (coming in at around 5ft 2inches) I have picked up a few styling tips along the way which I have found flattering on my frame. Naturally I thought I would help my fellow shorties just in case you are in style rut, feeling utterly clueless on what to wear.

Now I'm going to start things off with this big rejection to all the rules below. Although you are now considering if it's worth continuing to read, my number one rule when shopping is if I love it and feel good wearing it, buy it. I couldn't care less if it makes me look like a short and the same applies for you. Own it. These rules are guides so it doesn't mean you can't make exceptions every now and again. You have to trust your gut! Clothes should be about what makes you feel like you and helps you to express who you are. Keeping that in mind lets move on to the tips.

General things that don't particularly fit in to a category of clothing or accessories are as follows, personally I tread carefully with things that are oversized. Being on the smaller size it can take just a few extra inches to cross the line between comfy and drowning you. A good tailor (i.e mum/someone good a sewing will do) is essential. I am constantly taking up trousers, adjusting waistlines and shortening straps, but there are the odd few items that need a professional hand. Learn from my error when I say textiles GCSE and A-Level aren't enough. I would advise smaller prints and patterns as the larger you go the more height taken off you. Plus on the topic of prints, how could I forget, vertical stripes, always.

When it comes to what to wear on top I don't think there is too much to worry about. Crop tops can be a great way to shorten your torso whilst lengthening your legs. The key is to chop and change your cuts in order for it to hit at the right point. We all have those moments when we have tried something on and it just cuts you off at the worse place humanly possible, after taking it off as quickly as you can your arms can barely move fast enough to the "No" pile. V-necks are not only good for those with a large bust but us too! They help to give the illusion of a longer upper half, a crown is another great addition to add a few inches too (kidding...or am I?). 
 Now tops is out of the way, It's only right to think bottom. I think we can all agree high waisted is figure flattering for all, often highlight the smallest part of the female figure, our waist. It's a styling tip that never gets old. If I find something to be shapeless I always reach for a belt to give the same outfit break point. A slimline belt is your best bet and does the job just as well. A chic, versatile piece and one that I was admittedly scared of for years was the wide leg trouser. Once I tried it and got past the thought of it I actually fell in love and I'm sure you will too. 

As for outerwear I think the same bulky laws apply. Opt for something sleek and thin but in a woollen fabric to ensure you still stay warm. Something fitted, semi-fitted or well tailored is going to have you looking fabulous and feeling it with the list of compliments you'll receive. Similar to tops, cropped, above the hip styles are super flattering. However if you do want to opt for a longer style try leaving it open or adding a belt to help keep the proportions.

Last of all, they do say head to toe right? Of course my self-confessed obsession, shoes or should I say heels. Now heels aren't for everyone and that is okay. I will even include those one inch right up to six (and higher if you are brave), because every bit counts. I think it's been drilled in to our heads enough to avoid ankle straps as they cut you off. I'm starting to think my obsession with pointed stiletto heels is actually more of a subconscious decision of what is "good" for me to wear. 

And that's all folks! I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my tips but of course it goes without saying embrace who you are. I am petite and proud!

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  1. I completely agree with you about things that are too baggy. They swamp my small frame and end up making me look shorter as a result. I've never been able to get on with high waisted bottoms or cropped tops though. And now that I'm a wheelchair user, they're definitely not flattering! But, now that I can use my wheelchair, heels are an option! I've had to love in flats for so long, that heels are so exciting for me! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Such a nightmare isn't it? On the other hand it's a beautiful moment you when you find a piece that you fall in love with, that fits like it was made for you!x


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