Saturday, 17 December 2016

My Winter Skin Saviour

As much as I love winter it can cause real havoc for my skin. If it wasn't enough trying to deal with the drop in temperature it also has an array of party make-up filled nights, chocolate treats and hangover galore too. As you can imagine not only do I feel a bit rough but look it, especially when it comes to my skin.
Amie skincare is a brand I came across during the summer, having met the owner Fiona Parkhouse, who is a woman after my own heart. We instantly clicked and when she began telling me the story behind her business there wasn't one thing I didn't love the sound off. If you've been following a while you may remember my Four Products I Love From Amie Skincare post, where I discussed their facial wash, cleanser, micellar water and moisturiser. FYI: some of which I since repurchased and on my second batch! When they kindly contacted me regarding a new product launch I was excited to see what was in store.

Sheet masks have really had their moment in the spotlight this year and are still going strong. They have become so popular and that is purely down to the amazing benefits people felt after using them. I did a post back in February about making the most of masks which you can read here. Since then I'm constantly seeing them in magazines, blogs, youtube videos, social media, you name it and if you haven't already heard this might be your chance to get involved. 
 The real question on everyones lips is what makes this one different and stand out? Well my response would have to be the ingredients. The Liquorice Root and Coffee help brighten, tone and refresh dull skin. The Indian Lotus extract and Pro-Vitamin B5 aid the nourishing process leaving your skin feeling soothed and in good condition. Finally the Hyaluronic Acid gives the skin that hydrating boost required at this time of year, as well as softening and increasing skin’s suppleness. As with all Amie products they are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Which means that there is something for everyone - I'm all about that! Plus they are pH balanced, free from parabens and sulphates so none of the nasties that work for like an hour or two. If I wasn't selling it enough they are suitable for vegetarians like myself or vegans too, in case you were interested.

Included in the box is three sheet masks for £6.99 which I believe is a good price against the going rate of others I have seen. The residue on application can feel a bit sticky but combined with the mask is soaks in well to the skin leaving only a small bit on the surface. My skin looked more plump and alive instantly after using it. Another point to add is the next day I also had a flood of compliments about how good my skin was looking, my head was enormous by the end of the day. Once of my favourite parts of the mask is you can cover your eyes or adapt it to fit your under eye area. For me this has to be my most noticeably effected areas on my face in terms of fatigue so ensuring this also benefitted from the mask was a major bonus. Overall really happy with the result (so is my skin) and I couldn't think of a better product to recommend to help beat the all the things winter has to offer.
Perfect for a cosy pamper night in!

Disclaimer: Thank you Amie Skincare for sending me across a sample of this product to review, as always the opinion is my own.

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