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Gift Guide: Gifts That Keep On Giving

Christmas shopping can leave you feeling a little clueless and uninspired I have a few suggestions of my own as well as a few products I can vouch for that your friends and family may also like. Cards, wrapping paper, presents - everything you'll need, I've got it covered.
Christmas is the time of year we like to come together, celebrate and get in the festive spirit. Over the years this developed in to giving and receiving presents to those we love and hold close to our hearts. I think whats important isn't how much you spend but the thought behind it. It is a lot easier when you know the person to know exactly what to get them. Just think about what they like and their passions and that is a great place to start. Some of my favourite gifts are things people have put time in to for example making something like a scrapbook, memory jar, just to name a few. Others I've loved have been experience based - the best gift you can receive is making new memories and having something to look forward to. Going out doing something or planning a day out, weekend away or trip is one you could do together and better than any materialistic purchase, in my opinion.

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

It is possible to buy things that can mean just as much because the thought can still be there. I think charm bracelets are a good option, not only does it cover you for this year but for upcoming occasions, if you are ever in doubt you can get a charm. Two I own and think are great buys are from Pandora and Thomas Sabo, completely different design but do the same job. The passion thing can tie back in here and also help with the selection of charms, all of mine mean something. The pig charm is when I was obsessed with micro-pigs and wouldn't stop banging on about them for over two years (still darn cute). I have charms like my initials, the four leaf clover nodding towards my Irish roots, ballet shoes for my background in dance - you get the idea. Making it personal is what makes it special. Maybe they are interested in fashion? I think buying Vogue or their magazine of choice from the month and year they were born is a gift idea you'll go down in history for.

If you don't really know the person you are buying for, like maybe its a class or work secret santa, you can always play it safe. Opt for something most use everyday. I think a good slogan mug is ideal, especially if they can make you smile. You could also try introducing them to something new. It was the other day in Boots my friend and I discovered NYX is now available in the UK, urm "YASSS"! I think buying something for someone they wouldn't usually get themselves can be very rewarding. I remember for my eighteenth birthday my friends got me some Chanel make-up and it was a nice entry level point to have a bit of a designer I love in my life but not going all out. Brush sets are another crowd pleaser, especially real techniques. I got the bold metals trio last year from my sister last year and I have used them non-stop since. They have lots of different sets and you can never have too many make-up brushes!

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Remember the spirit of Christmas is about giving what you can, I always keep a good card!
I hope you love all of the products I've recommended and it has made your shopping process a little bit easier. I was super keen and had all my Christmas shopping done by mid November, only a few stocking fillers left to get my hands on. Also 1st Dec, bring on all the festive fun!


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