Monday, 17 October 2016

Why It Is Really Worth Going For Walks

Recently I have found I am constantly stuck indoors, although the luxury of working from home always seems so appealing to outsiders, I can inform you it can be very lonely, isolating and repetitive. Since this realisation I have jumped at every opportunity to do anything outside of my rooms four walls, going for walks being the key point of discussion in todays post.
Walking really is a breath of fresh air, I find myself craving it everyday.  An escape where I become absorbed and stimulated by my surroundings. Perfect in the mornings to wake myself up in a more natural manor with gentle exercise and take time to be thankful for the day ahead before planning what I will be doing. Perfect at lunch time as a mid-day break to ensure you allow yourself and you brain a few moments to recuperate. Perfect at the end of the day to help with digestion as well as offering a chance to reflect. Anytime is a good time for a walk!

My parent's are constantly going on walks and since I've coming home I have joined them pushing them from walking around the village to parks, beautiful gardens and tree-top walks. I find it so much more relaxing when I'm next to nature rather than in the mist of busy main roads, obviously. Alternating your favourite routes can help to keep things interesting.

I find it even more inspiring now as I note down all the changes each time I go. The weather, the seasons amongst a few other things. I think we can all be guilty of taking a lift or driving when the destination is a walkable distance. I know once I get my car insurance I will be a lot more inclined to do it too. However it's also about appreciating the walks we do everyday from the tube to work or to the corner shop, both can have the same effect if you make the most of it.

The day of these photographs I went for brunch with my parents and we stopped off at Delapre Park to have a wonder. After tucking in to strawberries and white chocolate, I felt the walk was needed to balance out my indulgence. We talked for ages catching up on each others weeks, news and future plans. Might be a nice alternative to the usual coffee catch ups!
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