Tuesday, 11 October 2016

My Most Comfortable Outfit That Still Looks Stylish

When filming my wardrobe tour recently (watch here) one of the questions was 'what is my most comfortable item?' I reached for these bottoms and realised I hadn't yet shared them with you on my blog. We all strive to balance being comfortable yet trendy and I'm about to talk through my go to look.

I think its been just over a year since the culotte style trousers hit the shop floors. At first, like many others I was very skeptical. Questions ran through my mind about the shape, fit and length on my petite frame. I eased my self in after trying a few pairs with a simple, black, cotton pair with pockets. I was shocked how comfortable they were and loved the fact it enabled be to escape my jeans, even if it was for just a day. Time passed and as much as I love the relaxed fit of those ones I craved the structure and tailoring which heavily influences my style.

On a shopping trip during the height of summer I popped in to Zara, shock, and was instantly drawn to this blue design. It ticked all the boxes and was exactly what I was after. I didn't think twice about buying them, heading straight towards the till with a smile from ear to ear I took out my card without an inch of guilt. On the way home, chuffed with my new purchase I imagined all the ways I could wear these, most excited at the fact I had found something comfortable and stylish. The detail in piece just made it that extra bit elevated, from the pockets, subtle kick flare to the slits on the side of the hem.
 Although I have styled the culottes numerous times since that day, falling for them more and more, I'm only just properly sharing them with you. As the temperature has dropped I went for a cream knit which has a high neck to keep me nice and snug. Underneath I have started to wear my thermals, great way to keep your lighter knitwear going in the colder months, especially if you don't plan on bringing a jacket. The jumper is soft to touch and got lots of stretch ensuring it isn't to restricting on movement, making this another comfortable piece.

To finish the look and the post, my final point of discussion is shoes. Now we all know I'm a heel lover although recently they haven't been having as much wear, but I think it would be totally going against the idea if I was to wear them for this. This pair which I have in coral and black have been major favourites in the shoe department, as you may have noticed in my outfit posts. Flat shoes ultimately will always be more comfortable and these are no exception.
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