Thursday, 13 October 2016

Love Your Curls With The Curl Company

I remember around this time last year I came across the Dove 'Love Your Curls' Campaign (watch here) and it really tugged at my heart strings. I think when it comes to our own hair we never seem to be 100% happy. I for one sure can never make up my mind what I want - straight, curly, thicker, thinner, longer, you name it.
I remember when I was around thirteen I went to my eldest sisters house to see her and my nieces and nephews, as a treat she did my hair with her GHD straighteners and I couldn't believe how smooth, long and beautiful my hair looked. I had never seen my hair like that, it was something I only ever looked at in magazines constantly wondering why mine was so difficult, hard to manage and frizzy. No-one else at my school really had curly afro hair and it made me resent it. After that day I begged my parents for christmas for a pair of straighteners and never looked back, barely giving my hair a break.

That's why when I watched the young girls in the advert along with the shocking statistics I realised how much this needed to change. I have made some big changes and steps in getting more comfortable and learning to love my curls. I think now with social media it has made pictures of people with my natural hair style a lot more accessible and got me feeling positive. That's one thing I have to thank The Curl Company for, giving me the confidence to go out and about with every curl looking defined, feeling smooth and with much less frizz.

For the first time I went out with my natural hair in years a young girl with an afro sat opposite me, she looked at me smiled and started twirling her curls. In that moment it made it all worth it, I hope that this encouraged all the people I saw that day to accept and love themselves fully, hair and all. 

One of my favourite products from the range has to be the leave in conditioner. I have never tried on of these before, but now I have discovered the wonders it does for my locks I will be stocking up. The ends of my hair look so much healthier and it helps to keep my hair conditioned even after styling. Some of the scents remind me a lot of palma violets which I really like. It has got me one step closer to getting a balance of natural and straight whenever I feel like it. There is still a few things I want to work on and then I will certainly film a hair routine (curly edition) once I've got it perfected.

Disclaimer: Thank you to the curl company for gifting me your curl range to test, as always all opinions are my own.

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