Friday, 21 October 2016

How To Wear Summer Items In Autumn

I know so many people who have a winter and summer wardrobes which they usually switch around at this time of year. For me I have never really understood it, I believe certain things shouldn't only be restricted to a short time of the year. With a bit of creativity you can make certain pieces last much longer than you think.
There are plenty of things from my summer wardrobe and sense of style I carry through regardless of the weather or season. A prime example of this is my love for pastels, although this colour palette is normally associated with spring and summer months it doesn't stop me reaching for it in autumn and winter too. It's all about how you wear it to make it feel more fit for the time.

I feel as we have fashion being forced down our throats and our consumer habits becoming much faster and more impatient we forget how to use what we have. Don't get me wrong I'm guilty of this too, I have clothes, shoes and accessories coming out of my ears, yet I still need want more. I have noticed recently how much I have become so much less experimental with my fashion compared to way back when I started this blog. I use to buy less and style more, making multiple posts out of the same item but it looking completely different to before and I want that back. 
I picked to typically summery items, a cami and light washed jeans. The cami for me is a staple all year round. It has had a revival with the comeback of the nineties slip dress, which I also love. After looking at that I realised you could use a cami in the exact same way, I pulled out this white shirt and layered this light pink version over the top. I couldn't be happier with how it looks and it's a great way to give those vest style tops a longer life line rather than covering them up with cosy jumper and chunky cardigans all the time.

As for light wash jeans I don't really have that many pairs as I find the darker wash much more flattering. However after picking up these embroidered mom fit pair I can't get myself out of them. I think the flower design is such a beautiful touch, luckily the yellow, deep reds and greens transition with ease.

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What pieces will you be carrying over this season?


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