Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Travelling Checklist

I will be travelling for the first time on my own as you're reading this so thought I would out together a checklist type of thing to help you if you are doing the same. 
I am just bringing hand luggage to it's important to remember restrictions when packing too. For most the size limitations are 55 x 45 x 20 and my weight allowance was 7kg. This meant for me I had to really cut down to what was necessary and pack in a very clever way to fit in all my essentials. 
For me this was the hardest part to cut down. You need to work out what you are planning to do and how many outfits you will need whilst you are away. I think it helps to pick a colour scheme and simple, basic pieces which you can pair with everything. This means you will end up with endless outfit possibilities out of as little as ten pieces.

Pieces I would suggest:
Plain white tee
Raincoat/Light jacket
Smart Dress/Playsuit
Comfortable heel
I would recommend heading to your local Boots or Superdrug and picking up a range of travel sized products of the bits you need. Each item you bring in your hand luggage needs to be under 100ml but I think even if you have booked in a bag you don't want to take a full sized product only for you not to use it all and it to weigh down your case.

Don't forget:
Wet Wipes
Dry Shampoo
Liquid Make up (Foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner etc)

Tip: You may also want to pack a small towel as not everywhere provides one or there could be an extra charge.
I have never been so organised in my life. Keeping them safe and easy to get to is what is most important. For me I used a detachable pocket from one of my bags which luckily is A4 size so ideal to put in my flight details, interrail card, passport etc. I went a little over the top but it's better to be prepared because you don't want to waste time or even worse miss you flight because it's lost within your luggage. Also I would recommend giving the details of where you are staying to someone back home just in case they can't get hold of you.

Depending on where you are going you may want to bring a phrase book. Although most countries are able to talk different languages in non-touristy areas it isn't as common. I know for Italy there second language tends to be French or German rather than English so I picked up a small travel sized phrase book just so I know I will never be stuck.
Bring a padlock, wether that is one on your case or another floating inside it is really useful especially if you stay in hostels as they often provide you with a locker to keep your things. Don't do anything you wouldn't do at home, it's all just generally keeping your wits about you.

I personally brought a small amount of euros and placed most of my money on a multi-currency cash passport which works just like a normal chip and pin card. This way you don't have to worry about carrying around a large amount of cash or loosing money. When you get the card you can get two so you have a back up. Plus it can be topped up if you go a little overboard with spending through the app. 

Hope some of these tips help you and that you have the best time of your travels, best of luck!



  1. Good luck with your first trip abroad by yourself, definitely a great step on independence! x

    1. It went really well thank you, can't wait to share what I got up to x


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