Friday, 9 September 2016

The Ultimate Blogging Debate: Real Or Fake

I've been blogging for three years now and you-tubing for just a year less. Recently I have seen so many negative posts about bloggers from left, right and centre, some of which coming from the community itself. I think in particular with the use of social media the rise of this 'dishonest', 'two-faced', 'fake' portrayal of our lifestyles has played a major role in to this backlash movement. I wanted to discuss my side of the story and put in my two pence on the controversy facing this industry. 
I for one would absolutely hate to think you look at my Blog, social feeds or Youtube videos and think my life is perfect because it certainly isn't and either am I. I always try to keep a balance of happily showing myself make-up free, in my pjs and the flip slide of being hella glam just because I feel like it. I cater my content around the things I do and occasionally throw in something I think you will like or is highly requested. One of the things I love most about my platform is being able to feel as if I'm in some way shape or form helping others through something. Whether that is enabling you to get that great find from my haul video, filling you in on every step of my dissertation or sharing a new experience. I'm a real person who works very hard on every bit of content I put out there for myself to look back on, but also for you to enjoy. 

Whenever you see an outfit post up on here, I've worn it somewhere and asked my friends/family to snap a few pictures for me to put in my next post. You can trust that every fashion post is something I woke up one morning and put on. However, I'm not saying every time I leave the front door I take pictures of what I'm wearing because to be honest I think you would get bored of me repeating similar styles or wearing something you can no longer find in store. I also like you have days where I stay home (which recently is a lot) and don't get dressed at all or put on one of my two pairs of joggers. Note to self: Now your graduated and basically unemployed you need more loungewear. Overall I think a lot of people would describe my style as on the 'smart' but girly side. I have constant remarks from friends that I always make them feel too casual and slobbish because I'm constantly in their eyes making an effort. With my dad previously being a tailor and my mum constantly on my back about being prepared for any situation, for me dressing the way I do is almost a reflex. I love fashion and even more so, experimenting. For me getting dressed up feeling good about myself is one thing but to then share it and for you to love my shoes, handbag or new top so much that you then go out and buy it is another. The thought that I've bought something to your attention that may make you feel the same way I do wearing it is the best feeling.

As for beauty we all know my oily skin issues, I sure do rant about it enough. The amount of times I powder in a day I'm sure can't be right! My skin isn't perfect, although I have to admit recently it's been on it's best behaviour. I do get spots every now and again, a few scars, brows that start at different points and most of all I struggle with my dark hair. It's something I'm aware of and that I've disliked even more so now I'm older, the minute I can get laser hair removal I will. This doesn't just apply for my face, my arms are a joke and now I've pointed it out I think you will notice it even more. The point is I could edit it all off these out of pictures if I wanted to, my degree taught me how. From my perspective that's me, in that moment and if I get a spot so what, I'm a normal human being, that will not deter whether I take blog pictures that day. I only edit the brightness and shadows of my pictures to ensure they are bright and clear for you to view. I will never change or adapt the way my 5ft'2 body is in an image because hopefully one day when we cross paths you aren't disappointed with what you see. 
I think it's mostly social feeds like Instagram mainly that tend to get the brunt of the realism discussion. I was discussing this with a few of my blogger friends and my point was If I go out for a walk one day and take 5 pictures but spread them out over a few days does that make it fake? Should I caption these pictures "Posting from bed #throwback" to make it real? All my pictures are from places I've been, things I've done and stuff I own. I think we are all guilty of posting the best parts of our lives, I mean do we really want to see the other parts? I've had near tears on my channel and shown some of my down days but I want to spread positivity and hold on to the good times. One of the key points my friend made is about the core of these platforms being entertainment, something to fill our days whether it's simply falling in love with a picture, reading an individuals opinion on the next big thing or catching up on the latest vlogs. Although I do love vlogs when people are just pottering about their homes, I think my favourites are viewing something I would never have known about or had the opportunity to add to my wishlist if they hadn't have mentioned it. 

I think when viewing content it's all about perspective and being happy in yourself. An example is about learning to think yeah that persons holiday is great and here's what is going great for me right now. Every decision is a choice. If your leaving social media dissatisfied with the way your life is going, make a plan on ways you can change it. For me right now I'm thankful for so much in my life but as a self-confessed workaholic I miss having a task or a project to set my mind on. My action for this was changing up my blog as you would have seen recently and this has kept me focused on something I've been meaning to do but haven't had the time. I've been checking job websites daily to look for the latest fashion jobs that are in my area of interest and applying with hope one will notice my potential. So for me when I look at something which seems out of reach right now becomes my motivation. If you think that holiday looks great put a bit of money aside each payday, doubt every purchase you make "do I need this, could it be spent better else where" and sooner or later you'll get there. How rewarding will that be? Never say never, anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and just because you aren't there yet doesn't mean it's not real or on the horizon. 

I have to acknowledge the fact that unfortunately there are a few people that may not follow the same morals as myself and the majority of the blogosphere. I hope that the actions of these individuals do not continue to effect the whole industry or peoples views on it.

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