Monday, 26 September 2016

Appreciating The Seasons

I think it's fair to say when it comes to weather and seasons in England we certainly get a bit of everything. Although I'm a summer baby and I love the sunshine, the fashion of Autumn always sways me when I try and pick which season I like the most. With the weather constantly changing and adapting I find myself making the most of each day as it comes.
When the sun comes out, I love it because it automatically puts a smile on my face. My friends and I automatically get on that group chat and before long someone will mention the pub, how very British of us! It has become such a thing for us to go and order something along the lines of Pimms to drink after tucking in to a family BBQ. That sums up how I spend most of my sunny days. We normally make the most of it choosing to sit outside moving around strategically to avoid a squinty sun in eyes face.

Now we are moving in to this transitional season, I can see the sun slowly taking a step back and temperature beginning to drop. It was only the other day when I was staring out the window as the rain trickled down the glass and I said to my dad "Ergh, what is with this weather?" to which he replied "Don't forget that we need the rain to keep this planet alive". As I looked passed the surface I saw the trees, plants and flowers surrounding our house that I see every single day and in that moment I tried to imagine what it would be like if they weren't there (it was awful incase you were wondering). From then on I haven't moaned once about the weather as it made me really appriciate how much it does in the bigger picture. Sure I still don't like getting caught in the rain as my hair starts to frizz and curl, my clothes soaked through and the skin on my body cold. However I laugh off my horrendous appearance and it makes me feel slightly better knowing the beauty it brings to the environment surrounding me. 
 I have to admit although the rain, wind and chill of autumn winter can be a drastic change, nothing beats a cosy night in with a hot chocolate in your hand, blanket covering your body and something good on tele. That is what I'm looking forward to the most! I think we are actually very luck to experience such definite seasons here in the UK. Things like halloween, bonfire night or dare I say it Christmas would not be the same if I wasn't wearing 101 layers and still feeling cold, it is almost part of the charm.

So basically this all summed up is, make the most of it. Don't let the weather ruin your day or dictate how you feel! Whether it's raining or shining do something that makes you smile and always take a moment to be more mindful. Know that when the sun is glaring annoyingly in your eyes that it means you can see, that the sounds of the wildlife buzzing around you means you can hear, the go to drink whether it's Pimms or a hot chocolate means you can taste, the rain drops landing on your skin means you can feel or the scented candle you got to warm the room means you can smell. Staying grateful for each day makes it near enough impossible not to enjoy it. 
 Have to admit having my Burberry Mac is a big help in getting me excited about Autumn Winter!

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