Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 Autumn Staples

With this up and down weather I'm not sure when will be the right time to post this or even if there will be a good time. Nonetheless it's better to be early, gives you more time to prepare! Today's topic is 5 Autumn staples that I reach for year in, year out.
01. Berry Lip
First one is for the girls with a beauty interest! I think a berry lip is a go-to every autumn winter season. One leaf falls on the ground and all the bloggers start raving about deep reds, purples and burgundies, so much so that it would be rude not to include it in this post. I personally love this shade of lip, I think this vampy colour in particular is my favourite. The one I'm wearing is 477 Black Cherry by Revlon! 

02. Some Good Jeans
Once upon a time I was a girl who lived in dresses and skirts only. Each year I would brave the season with a set of tights warm socks and ankle boots. After my first year at university I invested properly in my first pair of jeans and never looked back. These ones from H&M with the leg contouring are so flattering, that slight ombre down the centre of the leg gives a slimming effect. Although I live in jeans all year round I often find once it gets ridiculously cold I am lost for other options to wear. My winter wardrobe consists of getting out of one pair of jeans only to put on another! You with me?

03. Boots
I have a thing for boots if you hadn't already noticed from my shoe collection video (you can watch here). I think I buy at least two new pairs every season, my black boot collection is verging on ridiculous! I just can't help myself each year they bring out something so different and beautiful and I can't help but add them to shoedrobe. These ones I got from Zara last year and they do the best boots. I have noticed so many boots already coming out this year with the gold plated design and I would highly recommend getting a pair. They make such a statement especially once party season comes along, you won't get them off your feet.
04. Tan & Textures
There is something about browns, camels and neutrals that scream autumnal colours to me. I love making a shift in the accessory department to make me feel more wintery in the autumn months. Texture is another big thing every season as it is a way to make our outfits less samey! This bag has the suede flap (deffo a wannabe Chloé) which is my subtle way of slowing transitioning what I'm wearing with a nod towards what's to come.

05. It's All In The Top
As I said earlier I tend to get in a style rut by living in jeans therefore I always focus on my top. This victorian design is ideal, the intricate lace panel detailing, high collar and crochet effect add real impact. The top itself is loose fitting and breathable making it great to wear now and layer once the temperature drops. It is the one piece I'm looking forward to wearing most, although I think that is because it's still got that 'new' purchase feeling.
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What are your autumn winter staples?


  1. Gosh, I remember having black cherry years ago, definitely a autumn favourite of mine! x

  2. Black Cherry will always become a favourite this time of the year. Can I also say how lovely your white shirt is? So so cute!

    The Crown Wings

    1. Glad it is one of your favourites too! Thank you Jessica, picked it up from Next the other day but couldn't seem to find it online x


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