Friday, 19 August 2016

Monu Skincare Review

I've been working my way through my skincare products to test for what feels like forever and the end is near with only one more set following this post from Monu Skincare. One thing I liked from the get go is their attention to detail with getting the right products for our skin type to help combat some of your issues.

Active Cleanser
So the first step to any skincare routine is removing your makeup. After a long day I'm usually dying to reach for my cleanser and recently I've been using this one to see what I think. It is tailored for combination skin types which at times mine can be even though I would describe it as oily mostly. I usually apply this over my makeup in smooth circular motions, which soon turns the white cream in to a make-up mixed colour. Once you have covered all the areas I rinse with warm water and then dry my face with cotton pads which also help to remove the excess product. Once is normally enough but if it is a big make-up night or something I will double cleanse just to be safe. 

I find the product very simple to use and even on my sensitive skin there has been no irritation. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking clear which is exactly what you want from a cleanser right? It's not my favourite scent a long with everything else (minus the Instant Radiance Brightening Boost) but it's not a deal breaker.
Active Toner
Toning is a stage I've ignored for years, mostly because I was unsure what it was even for. I've said it before but I can be lazy with my skincare and always tried to cut things down as much as possible. Once I received this product I knew I had to try the whole set and it was a complete learning curve for me in the process. After talking to a member of their team I found toning completes the cleansing procedure, helping to soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance. After using it for only a few days I noticed my skin didn't break out and it looked much healthier than before. I'm glad this experience has brought toning in to my life as it is a step I won't be missing again.

I apply the toner with a cotton wool pad and smooth it over my face and neck. This leaves a slight residue on the skin but after a few moments that sinks in. It has a cooling effect which is most likely what helps to close the pores and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Micro Exfoliant
I don't use this every time in my routine as over exfoliating can actually make our oil overproduce, which mine seems to do without that so I wouldn't want to make it any worse. They recommend once or twice a week which sits well with me, usually I do it Wednesdays and Sundays (same days as my youtube uploads). This is like no other exfoliant I've tried. The granules are so small and tightly packed that they can do a really good job of getting rid of dead skin cells. The product as a whole leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated so it's perfect for a pampering session or for that mid week hump day! 
Instant Radiance Brightening Boost 
Last but certainly not least is this gem. Hands down my favourite product from the range! There is something magically in this serum. I apply it religiously before bed and when I wake up. It makes the perfect base for make-up and works well layered with moisturisers if you feel you need it. It provides you with that glowly, dewy finish we are all after. To apply it's very light weight which is what makes it so beautiful. I am so over the feeling that I have a lot on my face and this is getting me one step closer to feeling just as I do without a drop on my face. Sadly I am on the ends of this product already but it's one I would recommend the most out of all of these and one I see staying in my collection for years to come.

Overall my skin has been a lot clearer and less prone to breaking out since using these products. I also think the importance of doing all three steps has finally sunk in and is something I will definitely continue in the future. The products may have been more effective in the green version which is for suited to oily skin, after having such great effects from these I would love to see what something more tailored to me could do.



  1. That's why I love skincare sets, it makes you realise how necessary each step is!

    1. Changed my routine for life! I will never go back x

  2. Really like monu, feels great on my skin, and got a sample the other day from and since then I cannot stop using it, will buy it.


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