Thursday, 11 August 2016

Looking For Your Purpose

I think now I've officially got to that age where people more than ever are asking "What's do you want to do?" referring to my future plan. Don't get me wrong I've wanted to work in the fashion industry for as long as I can remember and still do. My current issue is trying to find the perfect role for me.
 Over the years I think we can all agree our career options have changed from full time princess, to midwife, to teacher and all the other options under the sun in 2 weeks. It all seems to happen so fast - first your picking you GCSE's and before you know it they affect your A levels. Then your school are basically forcing you to head off to university to reflect well on themselves, often not putting your best interests at heart. I 100% felt rushed in to making a decision when deep down I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. Luckily it was a course I enjoyed at helped me grow in to the young woman I have become today. 

Now I have nearly graduated (technically I have just need to collect my certificate) the questions has been piling in. It's almost a constant "What next?". If it was just me I've honestly found the job hunting very interesting and enlightening. It has really made me think about what I like, dislike, my skill set and where it would be best placed - most of all what would I be happy doing. I can't see myself ever being a person driven by money, I want to do a job I love with enough to live a comfortable life for myself and hopefully one day a family. 
Over my three years at university I was lucky to complete a number of fantastic internships. The first being a Buying role, I was convinced when starting my degree this is where I wanted to be. After doing a short placement it turned out to not be anything like what I had been told or imagined. As you have probably guessed this was a complete shock to the system and a panic of if this isn't what I want to do then what? I later did another placement as a Online Content Editor and I loved the team and role. Although I'm more of a visual/creative person than I writer this is certainly the closest I felt to my dream role. This has massively impacted on the starting point of my job hunt as this was what I had to go on.

Mostly I've found myself applying for fashion styling, editorial work and the odd beauty creative role. All of which have been for a number of incredible brands I would feel honoured to represent. I'm hoping that one will give me the chance to learn and progress in their business. The best thing about it is seeing the opportunities available, I vision myself doing that job and get excited just thinking about doing it - if that's not what I feel I simply don't apply. I know not everyone after graduating doesn't have the luxury of waiting to find the perfect job and I won't forever either but for now it's top of my agenda. At the end of the day we all want to feel as if we have a purpose in life, that we are needed, as this enables us to feel fulfilled and I want to wish all of you searching the best of luck!
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  1. My career choices have definitely varied A LOT over the past year when choosing what to study in university I've gone from psychology to criminology to teaching to sport to fashion to finally business! I've always wanted to be a fashion buyer too but now you've said it's not at all what you expected I'm definitely going to try and get an internship to see what it's like!
    Cloe X

  2. I have literally changed from fashion to theology to english literature!! Definitely feel rushed, particularly at sixth form when choosing a uni course. Internships and work experience are great, I originally wanted to work in retail... now I definitely do not thanks to work experience, however after doing work experience in journalism- I realised I adored writing particularly the hyperbolic element! x


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