Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hair Care With Bed Head

I strayed from my trusted OGX products to give a world renowned hair care expert ago. Bed head have such fun packaging and have introduced some new products to their range and as always I am reporting back with you to let you know my thoughts.
 My hair care products to test have been sitting patiently in my cupboard waiting their turn and Bed Head finally have their time in the spotlight. As I like to test the products properly for a few weeks before writing the review to ensure I can inform you fully of any changes I notice. There are three (technically four) hair care products in todays post from the shower to styling.
Recharge Shampoo & Conditioner
This pairing is sitting near enough empty in my shower as I type and I have to admit I am pretty sad they are nearly gone. One thing the Recharge shampoo and conditioner are meant to do is turn dull lifeless hair in to something much more glossy. It is said to  remove pollutants, sweat, and build up which is great if you live a busy city lifestyle. Your surroundings can be so damaging to your hair and it's nice to see brands creating products to repair the effects. The ingredients are anti-oxidant rich again helping you hair to look and feel happy and healthy alongside the high-octane shine finish. I found the product to be very lightweight and unlike some hair products it leaves little residue behind after washing. Overall I think they are a good duo but I'm not convinced it changed the condition of my hair. 
Joyride Texturising Powder Balm
Do you get the same problem where your first day hair just doesn't cooperate? Well this might just be your fix! You can apply to damp hair and it acts as an invisible grip and texture. This means you can style away and get the look you want to achieve without having to wait a day or two. I mean we've all experienced our hair in it's fresh state it's floppy, won't stay in place and has a mind of it's own. Not only is the product a lifesaver for styling but it smells amazing. One of the best hair products I've smelt in a forever! A small bit goes a long way as it can be heavy if too much is applied. As insinuated in the product name it goes from a balm like serum in to a powder which means you can barely feel it's presence but still see the benefits. I would definitely buy it, even if it was just for the fragrance!
Blow Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream
We all want our hair to have a healthy glow and I've found exactly that in a bottle. This is every girls ideal styling ingredient. The gold sparkly cream not only makes your hair sparkle but also includes smoothing and defrizzing properties. I would advise one or  two pumps on wet hair or I like to use it to once I've finished styling. I mean I don't mean to use a pun but this really is a golden product and one I can't see leaving my locks in the foreseeable future.

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