Thursday, 25 August 2016

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: Champagne Pop Review

At this time of year I think we all aim to get our summer glow in to full swing and I am no exception. I love a good highlight and was keen to get my hands on this not only to support a fellow youtuber but also because you can't deny how beautiful it looks.
Although I was tempted to get the quad set of highlights, I thought the smarter purchase would be to ease myself in with just the one. Let's be real who needs four highlighters on top of the three they already have? Getting good at this self control thing. The second battle I found myself in was between getting the powder or creme version. Since I've been using highlight in my makeup routine I've been using powders, but as I continue to grow and become more comfortable with beauty products and knowing the look I want to create I was swaying towards the creme. I think the cream finish is far more natural on the skin, easy to blend in to your base with a really soft glow. 
It is so pigmented, as I do small circles with my finger in to the pan I still get shocked how far it goes as I apply it to the selected areas. That's what I think makes this product so worthwhile I know it's going to last me a long time and it's results is everything I was hoping for.

I think the rose gold box is just so spot on. You couldn't get anymore on trend if you tried on put some marble in there somewhere. I much prefer that to the actual packaging with the brown and silver but that is just my opinion. On the other hand it does make the product the main focus which I suppose is what is most important.  
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  1. This looks gorgeous on you! Everyone has been raving about the Jaclyn Hill highlighter!


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