Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage Vamp And Legendary Lash Mascara Reveiw

My very generous uni friends gifted me a few make-up bits for my 21st birthday and I could barely believe my eyes. I will admit some seriously high pitched squeals escaped my mouth. Charlotte Tilbury make-up is just a dream and I have just started living it.
 I think we can all agree they have to be the most photogenic, beautifully designed pieces in the business. Charlotte has created such a lust-worthy brand which has been on my wishlist since her products launched back in 2013. I now have two products as part of my ever growing collection and I wanted to share what I thought with you.

The Vintage Vamp
Charlotte does a number of quads in the luxury palette range with different colour variations available. When browsing the counter this has always been the one which stood out for me. There is something about warm, red tones I really enjoy on the eyes, I do believe it is something that suits everyone. Rumour has it this is a winner for pale complexions too, I know some of my friends will love it as the often find browns, greys and blacks too dark.

The 'prime' shade is a shimmery champagne pink which I have found is good for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone. Then you have 'enhance' which is a lighter browny red tone which is the perfect transition colour for your crease and under your eye. Shade three is 'smoke' which says it in the name but just in case I use it in the outer corner to deepen the look - perfect for the evening. Finally you have 'pop' which is a gold glitter which I apply over the lid or in the centre to contour the eye.

These powders are very finely formulated making them super easy to apply and hard to go over board. You can build up the intensity for an evening look or simply do a light wash for everyday. I think it's great for people who are unsure about make up or what to do as the colour coded nature makes it like paint by numbers! Charlotte also has tutorials for each of her palettes on her Youtube channel giving you advice and you can follow her how to's for the perfect look until you feel confident enough to go it alone. 

Tip: I would say is that the gold glitter works best when applied with your fingers as it just seems to get lost on your brush.

Legendary Lash Mascara
I've heard so many mixed reviews about this mascara I was both nervous and excited to make up an opinion of my own and see which side I would be on. I raise my hand and can honestly say I've never seen my lashes look so good. They looked exactly how you want them to - long, separated and evenly coated. After looking at the ingredients of Marine Glycogen, Tamanu Oil and waxes I wasn't surprised and how smoothly it glided over my lashes. I also like to think these will have a great effect on my lashes as I always fear some mascaras can leave my lashes in a dry, brittle condition.

I think this is only available in 'Carbon Black' for a dramatic, full on false lash effect. I always use black anyway but I'm aware some people prefer brown for a softer look. The brush has layers of bristles at varying lengths which is part of the magic of the product. 

Watch out for: The creaminess and wetness of the product that makes the finish special is also its downfall. Unfortunately it seems the product doesn't seem to dry fully therefore leading the product to transfer on to the lids and under eye area. My fingers are crossed that as the mascara ages this will stop and I'm left with one dreamy mascara.

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