Monday, 20 June 2016

Bonnington Cafe Review And Outfit Of The Day

I met my sister in London after a busy day running errands and getting stuff done she booked in for us to got to the Bonnington cafe for dinner. In the peaceful leafy setting of Bonnington square is a vegetarian and vegan specialist restaurant and I have to admit it was nice having so many options tailored for me.
It is hard to believe this little cafe is hidden in the hustle and bustle of London at points. After I told my sister I was coming down she did her research and game across this little gem. She told me about the raving reviews and we decided to give it a go. It's been open since the 80's so we were surprised we hadn't heard about it before as we are frequent visitors in Vauxhall. 

We both ordered different meals so that we could tuck in to each others and get a mix of what they had on offer. I had asparagus roasted with courgette, broad beans and seed mix served with super green stew vegan parmesan and salad. Which was honestly just what the doctor ordered. As I have been so busy lately and rushed off my feet I admit my diet is the first thing to suffer, often reaching for quick unhealthy snacks or meals just to ensure I'm actually eating something. This was so yummy and I'm not sure I've mentioned this before on my blog but I've been a vegetarian for around 7 years now. Most people think I'm crazy but meat has never been for me and I very rarely ate it as a child so it wasn't a massive decision to cut it out of my diet. I was recently informed by my doctor about a year ago that I was gluten/wheat intolerant which was the reason for a few problems I was having. After that I was confident I would never go vegan as there was already so little available to me in my diet. However this meal completely changed my mind - if I could cook and make meals like that for myself every night I would be so content.

For dessert my sister and I shared the lemon dairy free cheesecake with summer fruit coulis, coconut and vanilla whipped cream. Which was a tasteful ending to a surprising enjoyable meal. You are also free to bring your own bottles of drink but I was on a detox at the time from my end of uni celebrations so we stuck to water. I like that each day the meal is different and that there is no set menu, it means if you go back you will always get something new and different. The laid back settings matched the easy going atmosphere and I would highly recommend a visit to anyone willing to give something new a go or if you are in to vegetarian/vegan food.
As I mentioned earlier I had a busy day in London which you may recognise from my 'finding my work at Graduate Fashion Week' vlog. I dressed smart as it is a graduate event but is often filled with professionals and experts from the fashion industry. Soon I will be entering the world of work so have been picking up some cool trendy work wear pieces to jazz up my outfits. I picked up this jacket in the mix of these hauls as I loved the grey tone but mostly the tie waist to add some femininity to the blazer. I paired it with a plain vest, tailored trousers and my monochrome colour block heels to complete the look. The weather has been very humid hence the unexpected frizz but this outfit was very cool and lightweight so the perfect summer workwear appropriate outfit.

What I Wore:
Blazer | Asos
Top | New Look
Trousers | Topshop
Bag | Kate Spade
Ring | Family Heirloom
Shoes | New Look

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